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  1. We are absolutely delighted to say we have a new addition to March of the Mermaids ...she will be joining us on many an adventure!
    Isn't she beautiful? She's currently reclining in our Chief Mermaid's bedroom. We may have to make her a shell grotto out on the balcony as she's almost as big as us...

    2014-01-03 19.12.02

    With huge thanks to the wonderful DIRTY BEACH, Louise Mccurdy and Chloe Hanks, who have kindly donated her to us! Their amazing installation at Onca Gallery in Brighton has just ended, raising awareness to all of the plastic waste in our seas and oceans through their Tru-Cost Super-m-art, a supermarket made entirely out of plastic they found washed up on beaches. They are setting off on more adventures to spread the word to the world, we love what they do.

    Thank you DIRTY BEACH!

  2. Happy New Year Mermates! Here's to another year ahead of marching mermaids and clamazing crustaceans.

    This is our brand new website, which is still in progress, but getting there! Please help us spread the word about March of the Mermaids and make this a wonderful second year.

    If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, please head on over and get us up to that 1,000 mark!


    Best fishes winkles, MOM X



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